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      47 Years of Ethics & Education

      At Vignan along with the pursuit of academic excellence, our emphasis is on value-based education. Our endeavor is to foster the best of Indian values and cultivate a global outlook. Vignan’s philosophy is implemented on the belief that education should be a fun-filled learning, enjoyable and relevant to today’s world, while unleashing the creative potential of the child. Learning at our Schools is child-centric and growth-oriented.

      We aim to provide world-class education with state-of-the-art facilities for the holistic development of the child.

      Digital Classrooms

      As we stepped into the second decade of the millennium, we all believe that usage of technology has revolutionized the art of teaching across various disciplines and levels.

      Moreover, with teaching aids such as smart classrooms and interactive multimedia teaching content, students will understand the concepts and able to relate them to the real world.

      At Vignan, we enable the following solutions for smart teaching

      1. Smart classrooms for all classes
      2. Multimedia content provided by Teach Next
      3. Seminar halls equipped with multimedia facilities
      4. Well equipped library with audio-visual learning resources.

      Hostel Boys & Girls

      Vignan ensures that students will get used to hostel life soon and comfortable. At Vignan, students are seen with affection and care that make them feel like a home. Moreover, they can concentrate on studies and make the best of their stay in the hostel. The hostels have provisions for the student relaxation too.

      Sports Facilities

      Sports for students are a perfect relaxation, a break from the routine of academics and also provides an opportunity for children to make them fit physically & mentally.

      Vignan School Visakhapatnam campuses have vast playgrounds where students can play Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton and also many indoor games like Chess, Caroms, Table Tennis etc.,

      Students are also guided by professional coaches and are encouraged to participate in national, international competitions as well.

      Homely Food

      Nobody cares like a mother when it comes to feeding a child. Nutritious food is essential for the physical and mental growth of the child. In all our hostels, tasty and nutritious food is served on time in generous quantities. We always encourage the parents on their visits to dine with their children, free of cost, to have a first-hand knowledge of the quality of the food served in our hostels.
      The Chairman, Staff and Administrative Officials, all share the same meal with students to ensure that quality is maintained at all times.

      Students are groomed in dining etiquette, eating and sharing in groups, avoiding food wastage and so on when they sit for their meal in the common dining hall.

      A mineral water plant provides purified water to students. Solar heating facilities enable hygienic cooking besides providing students with hot water for bathing.

      Unique At Vignan

      We aim to provide the world-class education with state-of-the-art facilities for the holistic development of the child

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        Home Environment

      Learning Possibilities

      Learning is a prerequisite for any lasting educational success and is the most basic thing any student must be taught. The “Back to Basics” (B2B) program supports students to reach age-appropriate competencies through quality enhancement programs that improves the teaching methods of all learning skills, and shows impact on the overall quality of student learning.

      Campus Infrastructure

      At Vignan, the location, the surroundings, the buildings, the landscape, and the playgrounds, or in one word, the entire infrastructure is conducive to the mental and physical growth of the children. Today, we have spread our quality education from Vizag to various locations.



      Most of the parents are involved in their children’s education, the behavior,  their entire class’s motivation, and grades they achieve. At Vignan School Visakhapatnam, we take it more seriously and try to involve every parent in students life at school.



      Staying away from parents at a very young age is very difficult for students and parents as well. To make students comfortable, Vignan Schools provides a homely environment with friendly teachers, helpful wardens, clean hostel rooms, washrooms and tasty home food.

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        Computer Lab
        Limitless Learning Possibilities
        • Students are provided with computer education right from the lower primary level.
        • Our computer lab is well equipped with the latest high-end systems and internet facilities.
        Learning for Life
        • 23 acre campus with lush green surroundings
        • Peaceful environment, away from the urban pollution and distractions
        • Well-planned infrastructure with huge playgrounds
        • Hostels and residential areas within the premises
        Smart E Class
        • Teaching through a multi-sensory approach
        • We have procured the entire course syllabus from “Teach Next”, one of the leading content providers in India, to make the classroom instruction more effective and enjoyable.
        • Athletics
        • Basketball
        • Badminton
        • Cricket
        • Foot Ball
        • Hockey
        • Kabaddi
        • Skating
        • Swimming
        • Throw Ball
        • Table Tennis
        • Volley Ball

        Our Management

        Chairman Of Vignan Vidyalayam Vizag
        Dr. L. Rathaiah
        Founder & Chairman
        Vice chairman of Vignan vidyalayam
        L. Rani Rudrama Devi
        Vice  Chairperson
        Executive director of Vignan vidyalayam
        N. Srikanth
        Executive Director
        Years of Experience