Jr NTR Appreciates Vignan

A Harshini, student of Class 8 at Vignan’s Bo Tree School, Nizampet accompanied her father Mr. A. Surendranath garu on to the sets of Meelo Evaru Koteeswarulu. And she was accurate and successful in answering a question for which her father took a lifeline.

Mr. Jr NTR was congratulated & amazed by the skill showcased by our student while Harshini credited it to her Telugu teacher at Vignan School, Mrs. Rajya Lakshmi Mam.

Mrs. Rajya Lakshmi Mam has been working tirelessly for more than two decades at Vignan School and has instilled values in our students and classroom teaching. Thank you, mam, for enriching our curriculum with your vast knowledge and experience!

Once again, hearty congratulations to all our teachers and students for such proud moments.


Raja Lakshmi Mam About Values In Education

Vignan always focuses on students’ learning process by teaching them listening, speaking, and writing skills to develop essential life skills. The frequent guidance and the teaching methods by Rudrama Devi Garu helps our teachers to enhance students’ learning. This is how Harshini acquired the required skills to answer in the program, Meelo Evaru koteeswarudu.

Rajyalakshmi Garu always puts her efforts to educate students as well as inspire them. Hearty Congratulations to our beloved Mam for the great support to help students develop life skills.

Rudrama Mam Appreciating Vignan Students And Teachers

Rudrama Devi Garu is proud of Harshini and Telugu teacher Rajya Lakshmi Garu for this great moment.

Teaching a language is not just about teaching kids how to speak or write a language. It takes much more effort and time to teach them how to use it correctly. Rajya Lakshmi Garu helps students build confidence and self-esteem, making them more motivated to do well at school and beyond it.

Our teachers work very rigorously to know the learning outcomes of each student and what to bring to the child’s empathetic behavior. This is what helped Harshini to speak about her teacher in the program, Meela Evaru Koteeswarudu.

The importance of teaching is evident in today’s society because children without positive role models or guidance can lead to adverse outcomes. With that being the main driver at Vignan Schools, Rudrama Devi Mam congratulates Rajya Lakshmi Mam and every teacher for supporting children to be successful.


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