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Digital Class Rooms

As we stepped into the second decade of the millennium, we all believe that usage of technology has revolutionized the art of teaching across various disciplines and levels.

Moreover, with teaching aids such as smart classrooms and interactive multimedia teaching content, students will understand the concepts and able to relate them to the real world.

At Vignan, we enable the following solutions for smart teaching

  1. Smart classrooms for all classes
  2. Multimedia content provided by Teach Next
  3. Seminar halls equipped with multimedia facilities
  4. Well equipped library with audio-visual learning resources.

Library & Labs

--Lot More To Read & Experiment

Vignan has a well-stocked library with an exhaustive collection of more than 3000+ reference books, periodicals, and journals. The students make good use of library facilities and can read any book or journal that suits the reading tastes of different groups of children. The reading room provides an ideal atmosphere for serious reading.

Vignan colleges have the provision of a photocopier and students can take photocopies of the pages they want for further reference.

The science labs at Vignan College are time tested and well equipped with demonstrable working models. Students have the advantage of using the best facilities while conducting experiments in Chemistry, Physics of Biological Science labs. Students were also provided materials and given good training in viva voice too.

Smart Ways To Learn English

Vignan lays emphasis on the Communication Skills of the students, both oral and written forms of communication. To embed confidence in them, our coursebooks designed by our professionals for the students to develop their interest and ability to become natural and proficient users of languages from an early age.

Students will be trained in the activities such as debates, groups discussion, JAM sessions and so on, where they can able gain confidence and conviction to handle any situation in their lives.

Clean & Green Hostel

Vignan ensures that students will get used to hostel life soon and comfortable. At Vignan, students are seen with affection and care that make them feel like a home. Moreover, they can concentrate on studies and make the best of their stay in the hostel. The hostels have provisions for the student relaxation too.


Our Ground Is Waiting For You

Sports for students are a perfect relaxation, a break from the routine of academics and also provides an opportunity for children to make them fit physically & mentally.

Vignan School Visakhapatnam campuses have vast playgrounds where students can play Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton and also many indoor games like Chess, Caroms, Table Tennis etc.,

Students are also guided by professional coaches and are encouraged to participate in national, international competitions as well.

CricketDisk ThrowFootBall
HockeyKho KhoKabaddi
Lawn TennisSkatingShuttle
SwimmingThrow BallTable Tennis
Tot LotVolley BallYoga


Smart Computer Labs

Technology has become an integral part of our daily life. Vignan students are provided with computer education right from the lower primary level.

Our computer lab is well equipped with the latest high-end systems and internet facilities. It maintains an ideal student-Device ratio of 1:1.

Atal Tinkering Lab

ATL is an approach of the Central government of India to foster curiosity and innovative thoughts & ideas in young student minds and to encourage research and innovation in schools all over the country. The vision of this initiative is ‘To create One million children in India as Neoteric Innovators’.

Since the last few decades, our education system had seen a paradigm shift. Today, with this approach of inculcating Hands on Methodology in the current education scenario we have resolved the need of the hour.

ATL lab would teach students essentials from this 21st-century, which will help students in developing their professional and personal skills. Skilled India is the need of the hour and each step taken for the dreams to come true, we should welcome the student ideas and we should work towards it together for a better India.

Extra-Curricular & Co-Cirricular Activites

Each one of us is ‘bestowed’ with creative intelligence and that for most of the parts remained underutilized due to other preoccupations in life. At Vignan, teachers make constant efforts to stir up their dormant creativity in every child. We believe that true appreciation of art helps in the refinement of a person’s sensibility and shapes him into a strong humane individual. Hence, we encourage children to enrol in the student clubs and participate in activities like painting and other fine arts, soft-toy making, literary activities, gardening, etc.
Painting, Art and Craft Studio allots a place for every child to work comfortably in an inspiring atmosphere besides providing them with adequate room to store the provisions required for such creative projects.

Homely Food

Nobody cares like a mother when it comes to feeding a child. Nutritious food is essential for the physical and mental growth of the child. In all our hostels, tasty and nutritious food is served on time in generous quantities. We always encourage the parents on their visits to dine with their children, free of cost, to have a first-hand knowledge of the quality of the food served in our hostels.
The Chairman, Staff and Administrative Officials, all share the same meal with students to ensure that quality is maintained at all times.

Students are groomed in dining etiquette, eating and sharing in groups, avoiding food wastage and so on when they sit for their meal in the common dining hall.

A mineral water plant provides purified water to students. Solar heating facilities enable hygienic cooking besides providing students with hot water for bathing.

Hygienic Food


Vignan provides transport facility for day scholar students. Our buses are well maintained with hygiene and good running condition. Transportation is provided to almost all the corners of the city and suburbs. Our experienced professional drivers and caretakers on the bus make sure that students are picked up and dropped safely. Vignan takes the responsibility of your child until they step back to home.