The Impact Of Using Gadgets On Children Development

The Impact Of Using Gadgets On Children Development

Can kids and electronic gadgets coincide harmlessly or is it detrimental to their development

Yes, excessive use of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computer desktops can cause physical and mental damage to your kids.

It comes as no surprise that children are addicted to gadgets and spend most of their time on these devices. For some kids, playing with electronic devices is not only a part of life but it is the only thing in life. As the gadgets are increasing day by day, it can lead to technology addiction among children.

Many researchers also state that the thinking and emotional development during the first five years of a child is crucial. Allowing them to spend too much time using digital gadgets can impact irreversible damage such as weakening of the brain’s cognitive functions and radiation exposure.

However, parents still seem to be unaware of the facts about the harmful effects of gadgets on children. Don’t worry. Vignan, one of the best schools in Vizag is here to explain the negative effects of modern gadgets on children and the ways to prevent them.

7 Effects of using Electronic Gadgets on Children

It’s a fact that kids are more vulnerable to spending too much time on gadgets than adults which has a great impact on their overall development. Some of the ill-effects of excessive use of electronic devices on kids are listed below:

  1. Attention Deficits

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder that contributes to problems like low self-esteem, limited attention, hyperactivity, or difficulty controlling emotional behaviour. ADHD often begins in childhood that causes them unable to focus and easily distracted.

  2. Obesity

    Children who rely on their playing time in front of the screens rather than outside do not burn the calories they take in. Several research studies have concluded that the lack of physical activity in children is a major contributing factor to childhood obesity and its accompanying risks.

  3. Learning Issues

    Children learn a lot of things before the age of five and if they are using gadgets their time to communicate with parents and learning is bounded. They need proper time talking to their parents so they learn new words and the way to communicate.

  4. Addiction

    In the absence of parental attachment, detached children can attach to the devices that result in addiction. Also, these electronic devices are excessively stimulant to the child’s brain functioning. As a result, children find normal activities as dull and boring.

  5. Eyestrain

    Electronic gadgets are the main causes of eye problems in children. Overuse of these devices results in the drying up of the fluid in the eyes, a burning sensation, and certain eye infections. Screen brightness and screen distance from the eyes can ultimately affect their vision.

  6. Triggers Neck and Back Pain

    While children spend time playing with gadgets they don’t pay attention to their posture. But, poor sitting posture triggers neck and back pain which results in sore neck muscles. If left untreated bad posture could affect your child’s spinal cord that leads to permanent hunching.

  7. Poor Sleep Patterns

    Research has confirmed that overexposure to mobile phones and other electronic devices as they can stimulate brain activity and cause sleep disturbances. Therefore, it is particularly important for children to avoid gadgets before their bedtime.

What parents can do about it?

Here are some tips to protect children from the adverse effects of electronic gadgets.

  • Restrict or set a specific amount of time for children to spend on gadgets.
  • Encourage children to play outside with their friends and siblings.
  • Find alternative methods of keeping them engaged like playing with toys or reading storybooks.
  • Ensure that children are not exposed to excess violence.
  • If any side effects or signs of addiction are noted, seek expert help.

A recent research also suggests that the use of gadgets in a constructive way can lead to healthier and effective minds. Encouraging a child to use it in educational activities or study purposes can result in the drastic change in their lives.

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