Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media on Education

Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media on Education

In today’s global era of associated learning, the impact of social media platforms on education is becoming a dynamic factor. Social media is now considered as a learning platform that helps in improving student engagement and capabilities. These platforms provide students the opportunity to connect, get in touch, access information, and research.

The technology referred to here transpires social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. And there are video presentation platforms such as Skype, Google Hangouts, or Web video. These technologies have given rise to flipped classrooms and changed the way knowledge is conveyed to students.

However, social media has many positive effects on education including better communication, timely information, and socializing online, etc. But at the same time, it has some negative effects which include identity theft, cyberbullying, and social isolation. Vignan, one of the best CBSE schools in Vizag, here explains the most crucial aspects of social media and how it impacts on education.

Let’s see the positive effects of social media:

  1. Encourage Online Learning

    With the advanced use of social media platforms in schools, the students get encouraged and motivated to learn. The use of YouTube to watch educational videos, easy access to e-books, and learning through video calling are some of the major aspects which contribute to educational development.

  2. Enhances Academic Performance

    Social media helps to improve student academic performance and increase their knowledge through data and information gathering. When students are assigned with different projects, they go through various online platforms to get information so as to find solutions to their assignments.

  3. Acquire New Skills

    Social media teaches students skills that they need to survive in the business world. Being able to create and maintain connections with many people from different locations is an integral part of developing a career or building a business, and which social media can make it possible.

  4. Quality Education

    Through social media, it has also increased the rate and quality of collaboration for students. They are better able to communicate with each other, share information quickly, which can increase their productivity, and help them learn how to communicate well in groups.

  5. Familiarity With New Technology

    By spending more time working with new technologies, students develop more familiarity with computers and other electronic devices. With the increased focus on technology in education can help students build skills that will aid them throughout their lives.

  6. Enhances Creativity

    Social media encourages creativity in students by providing them the opportunity to express their original ideas and opinions. In this environment, the ability to self-teach and to drive one’s own learning can provide much-needed confidence or help them decide what career path they want to pursue.

Let’s see the negative effects of social media as well:

  1. Causes Distraction

    Social media platforms are a primary factor that is leading to distraction and hindrance to the mind. Students tend to lose their focus from studying and rather enjoy browsing on social networking. All this leads to a wastage of time without learning anything from it.

  2. Reduces Self-learning

    Today, students are relying on the accessibility of information especially on social media and on the web in general to provide answers. This can reduce a student’s focus on learning and retaining information individually.

  3. Impacts Health

    The use of social media platforms with sheer negligence can have mental as well as physical effects on one’s health. Students who do not take proper rest and by continuously being on a phone or a laptop can have adverse effects on their eyes.

  4. Privacy Is Not Maintained

    The degree to which private information is available online is not secured. Most students don’t constantly evaluate the content they are publishing online, which can bring about negative consequences months or years later.

Vignan, the leading school in Vizag makes sure that students make use of such social media platforms with sincerity and that they do not waste their time browsing useless things. Learning several extracurricular activities are encouraged through such channels which our students get motivated to score high in every aspect of life.


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