Skating for students at Vignan Visakhapatnam


At Vignan School, skating activity was organized for students on 15th February 2022. Many students took part in this activity which helped them to improve their physical fitness. The students had great fun while they roller-skated and many of them learned the basic skating techniques. Every week, a skating session is being held at Vignan School, Visakhapatnam for  our students

“Students took a keen interest in the skating program and it helped them to enhance their physical fitness by roller skating. Roller-skating is a great way to enjoy and get fit at the same time! This activity helps in building students’ confidence and makes them more active day by day.” – N. Srikanth, Director of Vignan Visakhapatnam

The roller skating activity is very popular amongst the school students and draws a good number of students from different sections who enjoy roller-skating. Therefore, the management of Vignan School has decided to make this program mandatory for all the students of the school under the supervision and guidance of experts. It will help in getting rid of their physical stress. It is being done with a motto to keep students away from the risk of lifestyle diseases which are becoming very common these days.

 “Providing roller skates for all the students will be fruitless unless they learn skating techniques right from the beginning. As this activity involves physical exercise it is considered to be an effective way to control obesity problems in students. The school management has been continuously organizing technical sessions for the staff members and Vignanites (students) which help them to learn skating techniques effectively.”- Prasad Chandra Khandal, Principal

This activity aims to provide an opportunity to the young generation for enhancing their physical fitness and staying healthy by playing various sports under expert guidance. Furthermore, this skating session at Vignan School also helps develop leadership qualities among the students as they are selected as group leaders who take care of their team members both during the skating sessions and in school.

The skating session at Vignan School also helps improve the coordination skills among its students, which allows them to do their daily activities with ease. It also increases their concentration power to make quick decisions and enhances their capability. The directors of the school are hopeful that this activity will become very popular in the coming days amongst other schools too so that it will help in building a healthy nation.

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