9 Benefits of Abacus learning for children


As a parent, you always want your child to learn essential skills that will help them succeed later in life. One such important skill is learning to use an Abacus. Abacus learning has been around for centuries, and there is a reason for that – it works!  

Studies have shown that children who learn to use an abacus perform better in math than their peers who don’t. This is because they can easily understand complex mathematical problems when required without any difficulty.

9 Benefits of Abacus learning for children

Abacus learning is an essential part of early childhood education. It helps children improve their mental arithmetic skills. However, as explained by Vignan, one of the best CBSE schools in Vizag, the following are some of the benefits of learning Abacus.


1. Develops mental math skills

Mental math is the ability to do mathematical calculations without using a calculator or other tools. Doing mental math helps develop computational fluency – the ability to do calculations quickly and accurately. Abacus learning helps develop cognitive math skills by teaching children to visualize numbers and perform calculations using an abacus tool.

2. Improves memory and concentration

Because abacus learning requires children to remember the number of beads on each rod, it helps to improve their memory and concentration. Concentration is the ability to focus on a task or activity for some time. Abacus learning can help children develop their concentration skills by teaching them to focus on the Abacus and block out distractions.

3. Enhances problem-solving abilities

Problem-solving skills are essential for children because they will need to use them in all aspects of their lives – at home, at school, and in the workplace. Learning Abacus can help children enhance their problem-solving abilities by teaching them how to break down a problem into smaller parts and then find a solution.

4. Develops fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are the ability to use small muscles in the hands and fingers to perform tasks such as writing, drawing, and buttoning a shirt. Abacus learning can help children develop their fine motor skills by teaching them to manipulate the beads on the Abacus.

5. Enhances hand-eye coordination

 Hand-eye coordination is the ability to use your eyes and hands together to perform a task. Abacus learning can help children enhance their hand-eye coordination by teaching them how to track the movement of the beads on the Abacus.

6. Teaches patience and perseverance

Patience is the ability to wait for something without getting angry or frustrated. Perseverance is the ability to keep going even when it’s complicated. Abacus learning can help children develop these essential character traits by teaching them how to persevere through the challenge of learning to use the Abacus.

7. Encourages social interaction

Abacus learning is a social activity that encourages interaction with others. Children who learn to use an abacus will have opportunities to interact with other children in their class or group and adults. This social interaction can help children develop their communication and teamwork skills.

8. Boosts self-confidence

Learning Abacus skills can help boost children’s self-confidence by giving them a sense of accomplishment and success. Children who can use an abacus confidently will feel proud of themselves and their achievements. This boost in self-confidence can encourage children to try new things and take on new challenges.

9. Fun and engaging

Learning Abacus is fun and engaging for children. It’s a great way to learn new skills while also having fun. Abacus learning can help keep children’s attention focused and engaged, essential for their overall development.

Thus, by encouraging your child to learn how to use an abacus, you can allow them to excel in mathematics and other areas of their life. So, if you are looking for your child to excel in Abacus, join Vignan School.

At Vignan school, we believe our responsibility is to ensure that the students are introduced to math fundamentals engagingly. That is why we teach Abacus to the students. With our Abacus teaching methodologies, students can learn faster, easily retain knowledge and develop better cognitive abilities.

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