8 Ways To Make Kids Happy and Learning During Lockdown

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As children are staying at home due to lockdown, a sub-crisis has risen to parents. But, what will kids do all day? Therefore, this is the time for you to find ways to smoothly transition your kids into a stay at home life. Are you wondering how? No worries.

To avoid the spread of novel coronavirus, Vignan, one of the best schools in Vizag shares some creative stay-at-home activities for kids that they really enjoy.

8 Ways To Make Kids Happy and Learning During Lockdown

Here are some ideas to help your kids entertain while they stay at home in a coronavirus outbreak.

1.  Make painted rock art

Rocks are free materials that offer endless creative opportunities. Take some acrylic craft paints, white paint pens or vibrant colors and allow your kids to create a family portrait or write inspirational quotes on rocks and pebbles.

2.  Build cardboard furniture

Make your kids learn to build furniture using recycled cardboard or duct tape. It is also a great family activity as the adults can cut the cardboard and kids can do the assembling and decorating.

3.  Make pop up cards

Pop-up cards are a great alternative to the ordinary greeting card. These cards make a gift and message a special. Allow your children to make a few simple cuts into a piece of decorative paper to create a tab.

4.  Create a mini Jungle Terrarium

A terrarium is a glass container that is used to create an indoor mini-garden with soil and plants. Ask your kids to find a glass jar and create a mini tropical jungle that lasts for months with minimal care.

5.  Make an indoor water garden

Growing plants underwater and also inside home helps keep a home cool in the summer and also brings the beauty of nature into your home. Tell your kids to use recycled jars to make a little indoor garden with some plants that grow in water.

6.  Leaf Prints

Leaf prints are a fun and easy craft activity for kids of all ages. Ask your kids to collect leaves of various sizes and shapes, and prepare material to paint a leaf on the paper. These beautiful leaf prints can be used as wall art and greeting cards.

7.  Watercolor Flowers

Watercolor is a painting method in which paints are made of pigments suspended in water-based. Make your kids learn how to paint watercolor flowers and capture the beauty of your garden.

8.  Puppet show

Making puppets that either has eyes open and close or mouth that open and close is always a fun activity for kids. Have your kids make a paper bag puppet and put on a puppet show for you. This creates lots of fun!

We at one of the best schools in Vizag hope the above tips help you keep your kids active and learning during coronavirus lockdown.

Stay Home. Stay Active!

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